Architecture Agency based in Westport, CT

A holistic vision creates a better home: that is the premise upon which Michael Greenberg and Associates do their work.

The foundation for this all-encompassing approach: the company’s fully integrated suite of services, which span from concept to construction to landscaping.

Brought to life through a seamless partnership between designer, craftsman and builder, the finished home delivers on all its promise, and reflects the firm’s unwavering focus on quality and artistry.

In a Michael Greenberg house, however compact or expansive the scale, the passion for design shines through.


We offer architectural/interior design, general contracting/building/construction, and landscaping services. We will help you find the perfect property to build your future home or help you explore options to perfect your existing residence.

Architectural Design

Decades of experience allow us to assist you in creating a timeless residence. We will put together a complete set of drawings and help you through the permitting process.


Once you are ready to build, our knowledgeable team of carpenters and crew will bring your project to life.

Interior Design

We work to create truly unique spaces to call home. Our designs not only address your needs, but blend in seamlessly with the architecture of your home.

Mike's Story

Michael Greenberg is a local entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to building luxury homes in Fairfield County.

His reputation for the highest quality workmanship has attracted an impressive clientele that includes famous authors, actors, and CEOs of major corporations.

Over the past twenty-five years, Michael has built or remodeled over seventy custom-designed, one-of-a-kind residences in the Westport/Weston area, as well as Greenwich, Fairfield, and Block Island, RI.

In the early 1970s, as the founder of Good Earth Homes in Westport, he gained recognition as an innovator for creating new homes from transplanted antique Vermont barns. His own home in Weston has been featured in the New York Times, as well as Country Home Magazine. The house was constructed from the frames and siding of three former barns.

In 1976, MG Builders in Westport was founded, with Michael as principal. The company focused on the construction of meticulously detailed homes in the Westport and immediate areas.

The business has evolved to Michael Greenberg & Associates, reflecting a widened scope of involvement in all phases of design and construction. As a means of aesthetic, creative, and budgetary control, architectural work is now completed “in house” by a staff of licensed professionals. Design becomes reality through a collaboration of these creative minds and the area’s finest stone and wood craftsmen.

Throughout their history, a prevailing philosophy has held true—to produce homes which are true to an unyielding commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship. The goal has been to first find a great location—hilltop sites with spectacular views, sites surrounded by natural terrain and dense forest, or waterfront properties—and then custom design a home that complements the context of the site. An emphasis on unique locations and uncompromising designs is what has separated Michael Greenberg & Associates from all the other builders in Fairfield County.

Michael has lived in the Westport/Weston area for most of his life, and has been a student of both philosophy and architectural engineering.